Based in Calgary, Alberta, VisualCrafts specializes in all aspects of digital signage solutions, from consulting and advising to content creation and management. As experts in this field, we have been recognized and awarded in Canada and abroad.

We understand and have been active participants on the impact that digital signage, as a communication tool, has acquired in recent years. VisualCrafts is a key and proud part of our clients' communication and marketing strategies.

The ideal mix of creativity and technical knowledge is what defines VisualCrafts; this is our strength, which is applied to each and every project we take on, complemented with years of experience, constant research and successes. Visualcrafts' straightforward approach, education background and effective content creation and design, will help you recognize the capabilities of this media to succeed in your communications needs.

Whether in Calgary, Western Canada, or anywhere in the World, we can deliver high quality functional digital signage content and graphic design services. Our clients list includes not only Canadian companies and institutions, but clients from Spain, The Netherlands, Mexico, Uruguay and Indonesia as well. Calgary is our home, but our work can be seen globally.

We are a Spinetix Certified Application Partner


We acknowledge that every client has different requirements, a particular way to operate and conduct business, and because of that, at VisualCrafts we make great efforts to understand and work close with our clients with a propositive and creative attitude that allow us to offer right solutions that will complement your communications efforts.

When it comes to digital signage, VisualCrafts can provide you with top quality equipment and superior content creation and management services that will add an extraordinary value to your organization's communications strategies.


Attention from viewers spans only for a few seconds, and in such brief time your message must get across, comprehended and cause a significant impact in your audience, captivating them and making them take action.

Audiences and demographics vary remarkably, and VisualCrafts understands that the characteristics of these groups are of key importance when crafting and managing the precise material that speaks directly to each viewership. For instance, in the case of digital signage,
audiences in waiting rooms must be treated differently from others more dynamic, like students walking from one classroom to another in a university campus.


VisualCrafts' goal when designing and creating communication pieces is to promote a reaction upon taking in the information delivered.

When the information received leads to place a phone call, solicit a service, visit a website, attend an event, increase sales of a product, etc. the work has been done correctly. We pride ourselves in producing this change in behaviour through our designs.

Concise to-the-point messages, attractive designs and layouts, the correct use of fonts, motion elements and clear and appropriate calls to action are key components in which we base each communication piece we develop.

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